About Us

Krishti celebrates colours. They suit every mood every emotion and every human feeling. 

In its vibrant collection of unstitched dress materials and sarees,  Krishti showcases a wide ranging play of colours from the gorgeous to the subtly beautiful and from the flamboyant to the subdued hues.


We conceived Krishti as being different from mass market productions and the realisation that imaginative tailoring needs a little bit extra material. Each unstitched dress material has been conceptualized as a unique piece and a single piece of each product is available. If you like a piece and the product becomes no longer available, please keep on visiting our website as new and interesting combinations will be added weekly.


The saree collection display variety in colour, material and pricing and are drapes of sheer beauty and elegance. In the days to come, this space will display different genre of sarees.

We hope to have you as partners and guides with your valuable inputs and suggestions in our interesting and colourful journey and move forward adding new product categories along the way.

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